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It is of a light yellow colour. To be effective it should be smoky. It is a place in Red Sea. The gem was found there initially and was naed after it. It is inexpensive but can work wonders. Topaz is highly recommended for those belonging to solar sign Gemini. It can also be used with profit by Librans and Scorpios. by ancient Hindu mytholgoy use of this gem will ward off the risk to injury or attack. It should be used by those duties involve handling ofdangerous machines. It works as a talisman to cure certain diseases including mental deerangemtn, hysterai madness, suicidal tendecy. It symbolizes sobriety, clemency, faithfullnes, and gentleness. One gets kindhearted, generosu and wealthy by wearing it. One also my get more brilliancy and intelligence leading a peaceful, pleasant and contended life. Dreams too are pleasant ot experince. There will be real attachembet or affinity between couples. The spouse of the wearer willbe faithfull and loyal forever. It is also recommended gem for persons of birth number 1. The use of this gem also appeases anger, turns sadness into happiness, brings wealth and enhances positions and prestige. I have found its use to be most effective in the case of those suffering from Migraine. But Topaz should be used in combination with peral of good quality. ( In addition Sri yantra carved or silver or cooer or gold ring should be used which will enhance the efficacy of teh use of the precisou gem) Use of this gem facilitates recovery of lost possessions and improvement infinancial status and position. It also confers dignity, poise, intelligence, wisdom and nobility of character. Its use is recommended for those suffering from cough and cold, liver ailments, jaundice, nervious disorders, loss of appetite, indisgestion, burning sensation in limbs leprosy.

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