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Physical Properties

Color Pink, yellow
Hardness 5
Specific Gravity 4.3-4.5
Refractive index 1.621-1.849

Overview:  Smithsonite was named after James Smithson, the benefactor of the Smithsonian Institute. Smithsonite is the new name for Calamine. It was renamed after the founder of the Smithsonian Institution, James Smithson in 1832. Smithsonite is a secondary mineral formed from the alteration of primary zinc minerals in the oxidization zone. It is sometimes polished and used as an ornamental stone, where it is known as "Bonamite".

Healing Power:  Helpful in disorders of the immune system. Enfolds the wearer in a cushion of "goodness". Heals the fear of one's own strong emotions, speeds the releasing of energy. Suggested for security and a balanced life. Helps you deal with difficult relationships. Helps in trusting others and oneself, trusting in Goddess.

Legend:  Smithsonite was used as the principal source of Zinc till the 1880's.

Occurence:  Namibia, Tsumeb, Broken Hill Mine in Zambia, South America, Europe, Kelly Mine in Magdalena, and New Mexico.

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