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Physical Properties

Color Pale brass-yellow to metallic white
Hardness 6 - 6.5
Specific Gravity 4.8-5.2
Refractive index 1.81

Overview:  The name Marcasite, in fact, is believed to come from the Arabic word for pyrite. Sometimes called Marcasite, and sometimes called pyrite, the two are so related they have the same chemical formula. Marcasite is sometimes referred to as Swiss marcasite or Thai marcasite. Originally the name marcasite was applied by mineralogists to an unstable form of iron sulphide crystallising in the rhombic system.

Healing Power:  Crystals of marcasite have mind-calming and emotional stabilizing powers.Condenses scatteredness into mental clarity, concentration, memory, and practicality. Helps us adjust to being physical. Cleanses the blood and the spleen. .Although marcasite crystals are in the process of dissolution, the existing polished specimens retain strong earth energy and the power to calm the mind and instill emotional stability. It increases physical stamina, stimulates the intellect and helps to transform thought into intelligent action.

Legend:  It was fashionable and popular in Victorian and other times.

Occurence:  Missouri, Kansas, Guanajuato, and Mexico.

Care:  Normal Care

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