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Physical Properties

Color Soft white, grey veining, lapis blue, red, turquoise
Hardness 3.5
Specific Gravity 2.5 - 2.6
Refractive index 1.586-1.609

Overview:  Howlite is a soft white stone with black or gray inclusions. Its calcium carbonate composition gives it an affinity for the skeletal structure. Howlite is an inexpensive gemstone, and because it is so soft and porous it is easily dyed into rich hues to imitate pricier gemstones. Howlite is a soft, white to gray mineral that takes dye very easily.

Healing Power:  It helps with memory retention and desire for knowledge. Aids healing in the areas of balancing calcium levels in teeth and bone structure. Dispels selfishness, aids calm communication of emotions. Helps prevent tearing down reality or refusing one's truth to create a deception. Helps in Meditation.

Legend:  This versatile stone is named after Henry How, a 19th century mineralogist, who found it first in Nova Scotia.

Occurence:  Lang, Los Angeles Co.; Tick Canyon (near Saugus), Los Angeles Co.; Dagget, San Bernardino Co.; and Death Valley, Inyo Co.

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