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Cinnabar is a red crystalline form of mercuric sulphide. In its natural state, it is a red crystalline solid. Sometimes, its red color is so bright that it is not found in any mineral, plant and animal on earth. It occurs in brilliant red or in red or brown amorphous masses.

The Chinese and the Arabian alchemists used to extract mercury from it. Today, it is the only source of mercury and is found in rare localities. Since of its red color, it was also used as a dye. The word 'Cinnabar' has been taken from the Persian for 'dragon's blood.'

The cinnabar in the chicken blood stone is believed to be protecting people from evil and to bring good luck and fortune. Psychologically, it represents the hardened habits and terrestrial marriages of the soul and spirit. Cinnabar is also a stone of repute in giving wearer long life.

The hardness of cinnabar is 2 to 2.5 and is usually used for making beautiful jewelry. It is found in the regions of Spain, Serbia, China, and California and Arkansas in the US.

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